Recognising the urgent need to bring the plight of Hawkesbury River seagrass beds to the attention of riverside communities and boat users, we were commissioned to create a targeted awareness campaign.

Few boat users are aware that the movements of outboard motorboats in shallow waterways place seagrasses under stress. Propellers and their wash scars the beds, leaving them open to increased erosion. This impacts on water quality and ultimately, fish populations.

The proposition – ‘Don’t tangle with Seagrass’ – was contained within the distinctive silhouette of an outboard motor, creating a campaignable graphic device highly recognisable to the target audience. Campaign materials were distributed to key fishing tackle and boat hire shops in the region. ‘Outboard motors’ were installed, equipped with a free-moving, three-dimensional ‘propeller’ and hung from the ceiling to maximise visibility. Capturing this under-utilised overhead space in otherwise overcrowded retail environments enabled us to deliver a clever visual analogy – placing the audience below, at the viewpoint of seagrasses.

Other campaign elements included shape-cut stickers applied to bait fridges and actual outboard motors at hire shops, and a DL flyer. Here again, visual analogy was employed to capture the attention of the reader, with a shape-cut fold revealing a graphic reinforcement of the proposition.